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Workplace Stress (v2)

Course overview

Workplace stress is an increasing concern for emergency service responders. Stress as a condition has several causes and the extent of the reaction to stress often depends on a person’s disposition and circumstances.

The onset of stress can be subjective; the physiological and psychological impact of stress on the human body is significant. When a person is experiencing acute stress, the body reacts as though a threat to survival exists. Emotions take control and cognitive functions are impaired.

Although the body’s immediate stress responses (like the release of adrenaline) can help a person to deal with the initial real or perceived threat, the effects of unrelieved or chronic stress can result in a serious risk of developing life-threatening diseases.

Both employers and staff who provide emergency services can benefit from learning about the factors that contribute to workplace stress and possible negative implications for job performance and personal health.

Featuring Tim W. Dietz, MA, LPC

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