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Trauma Shears


Trauma Shears



These black titanium coated 7.5" shears are the only trauma shear you'll ever need! XShears are incredibly strong, durable, and capable of cutting through any clothing, including zippers, heavy duty work clothes, and thick boots. Holster also available.

⦁    Hardened stainless steel blades that are twice as thick as most trauma shears, sharpened to razor edge
⦁    BLACK TITANIUM coating on blades provides extra durability and sleek matte black appearance
⦁    Patented blunt tip and curved design for gentler edge near skin
⦁    Soft-touch inner handles for comfort and slip resistance
⦁    Heavy duty center bolt that won't loosen over time




Soft padded holster for XShear Trauma Shears. Holster only. Click here for shears.

⦁    Heavy duty clip will clip to thin fabrics
⦁    Durable fabric covering soft foam makes it comfortable
⦁    Compatible with other shears too




EMT/Trauma shears are a type of scissors used by paramedics and other emergency medical personnel to quickly and safely cut clothing from injured people. They consist of a plastic handle with a metal blade and are designed exclusively for external use and are not suitable for surgical or invasive procedures.

⦁    Cuts through strong materials such as car seat belts, denim, and even thin metal
⦁    The wide, blunt tip is designed to slide across skin
⦁    Minimizes the risk of injuring the patient while cutting clothing due to the wide tip
⦁    Increasingly being used by fishermen, soldiers and scuba divers as safer alternatives to knives
⦁    Compatible with XShears Holster

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