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As a recognized leader in EMS education, Diesel Therapy Academy provides innovative and proven educational tools and support for entry-level providers and continue to foster professional advancement through continuing education for veteran EMTs & paramedics. Our study and exam prep apps are designed to exceed the standards in increasing knowledge, retention, recall, in an efficient delivery method to help you pass the NREMT exam on the first try and improve patient care and outcomes through better education

Diesel Therapy Academy strives to create online and mobile learning programs that are educational, engaging, and entertaining. Our staff is passionate about patient care and advancing our profession through education, critical thinking, improved clinical judgment, and proficient skills while maintaining the highest standard of integrity. EMS providers are an integral part of the healthcare system and work in dynamic and austere conditions that require ongoing training and preparation to provide quality care and improved outcomes for our patients while ensuring everyone goes home safely at the end of their shift.



Diesel Therapy utilizes a highly qualified cadre of instructors all of which are professional paramedics, critical care and flight medics, EMTs and firefighters with years of teaching and hands-on, real-life experience. 

Follow our social media pages and subscribe to our YouTube channel to join our community of EMTs and paramedics. We have something for everyone, educational tools to help you pass the NREMT exam, daily memes, merchandise designed by first responders, current events, and a community of like-minded individuals with a dark sense of humor! Everyone needs a bolus of Diesel Therapy!#980165 

Our mission is to provide quality academic support for EMS providers to nurture life-long learning.

Our goal is to offer a fun and educational experience to help educate the next generation of EMS providers and prepare you to pass your NREMT exam on the first try.

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