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Tactical EMS (v2)

Course overview

Tactical medics, or tactical emergency medical services (TEMS), are trained responders who provide emergency medical care in tactical situations where traditional EMS providers cannot or should not enter.

2 Tactical medics receive specialized training and play a role in law enforcement operations when civilians, officers, or perpetrators of a crime are injured. In contrast to standard emergency medicine where the patient is the focus of the situation, tactical medicine allows specially trained EMS personnel to provide emergency life-saving care while the tactical situation develops, allowing law enforcement to complete the mission.

Whether the situation is a high-risk search warrant, an active shooter event, a barricade or hostage situation, or a bombing, the TEMS component is vital in today’s war on crime. This program provides general information on the role of the tactical medic, the types of emergency scenes to which a tactical medic responds, and the training and skills preparation specific to the position.

Featuring Bill Justice, Assoc. Director University of Oklahoma Center for Pre-hospital and Disaster Medicine

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