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In this era of active shooters and mass shootings, first aid and traumatic bleeding control training are increasingly important!


Uncontrolled bleeding is the number one cause of preventable death from trauma. The greater the number of people who know how to control bleeding in an injured patient, the greater the chances of them surviving that injury. You can help save a life by knowing how to stop bleeding if someone, including yourself, is injured.

How to Use Your Stop the Bleed Kit

Remain calm and before you do anything, take stock of the situation and make sure you're out of harm's way. If necessary, move yourself and the injured person to safety. 

Once you've ensured your personal safety, call 911 or ask another bystander to do so. Next, put on gloves (if possible) and offer assistance to the victim or victims. In many instances, emergency services will remain on the phone with you and provide instruction and support until professional help arrives. You can also quickly scan the kit's enclosed instructions.

  1. Ensure your own safety

  2. Call 911

  3. Find the source of the bleeding

  4. Remove clothing from around the wound so you can clearly see it

  5. Look for and identify life-threatening bleeding

  6. Apply compression


Contents Include:

1 printed insert with Stop the Bleed Instructions

1 tourniquet

1 pair trauma shears

1 pair of nitrile gloves

1 black permanent marker

2 packages 4 x 4 gauze

Contents in a sealable plastic bag


Cost $50


Customized STB kits are available on request.

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