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AEDs, Pads & Batteries


These devices have a proven track record of saving lives in public places and the workplace. They can do the same for you and your employees. Please consider installing AEDs in your workplace.

Celtic Rhythm CPR offers AED Compliance Plans for companies to help you remain compliant with state AED regulations. We can provide AEDS, pads, batteries, cases, wall mounts, and accessory kits for AED implementation or replacement equipment after use or expiration.



Philips, the worldwide leader in automated external defibrillators (AEDs), designed the HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator for the ordinary person in the extraordinary moment. The first and only AED available without a prescription, the OnSite is designed to be the easiest to set up and use and the most reliable defibrillator available. Innovative technology, based on extensive research and user feedback, has produced a defibrillator so easy to use that you can potentially save the life of a coworker, friend, or anyone else stricken with sudden cardiac arrest. Weighing just 3.3 lbs/1.5 kg, the HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator is small and lightweight. Using clear, calm voice instructions guides you through each step of defibrillation, including CPR coaching..

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From one of the trusted names in technology comes the Philips HearStart FRx AED. The HeartStart FRx AED is bringing innovation into the way sudden cardiac arrest treatment is administered.

With Philips SMART Pads II, there is no need to switch pads when dealing with an infant/child, simply inserting the infant/child key is all that is needed to switch the mode of the AED to infant/child mode. This feature saves precious seconds on having to administer therapy to younger victims..




When in a dire situation of life and death due to a sudden cardiac arrest, giving proper and correct CPR means everything. Only about 50% of sudden cardiac arrest victims will require a shock, and the rest will need effective and efficient CPR.  This is where the Zoll AED Plus excels and will make sure the user is giving high-quality CPR.  The Zoll AED Plus will monitor the user's CPR and give audio feedback on how the user is performing. When the user is not pushing hard enough, the AED will tell them to push harder; when pushing hard enough, it will say "good compressions." This AED will even show the depth of each compression in real-time. This audio and visual assistance, along with a built-in metronome that will keep the user on the right pace, will be the key to making a successful rescue..



  • ECG color display

  • 3-lead ECG monitoring capabilities

  • Manual override features

  • Multiple rescue capability

  • RESCUE READY® technology..



Knowing when to deliver a shock to a victim or not is a very important piece to saving someone's life.  The Physio Control LifePak CR Plus takes the guesswork out of this decision and decides for you. The LifePak CR Plus is designed to know when to shock a heart or not. This gives the user confidence in knowing that they are administering the best possible treatment to the victim.  Along with this feature, the LifePak CR Plus also comes in a fully automatic version that allows a shock to be delivered by just turning on the AED and applying the electrode pads, and that is it; no button press is required. This takes the hesitation of a human out of the question and lets the AED complete its intended purpose..


Alarmed AED Defibrillator Wall Mounted Storage Cabinet Fit Cardiac Science, Zoll Defibtech.

⦁    Alarmed AED Cabinet / Rounded corners for safety
⦁    AEDsafetrack Trials available
⦁    Cardiac Life is an Authorized Distributor
⦁    Modern Metal Manufactured Cabinet 180SM-1


Zoll ZOL800000400001, Medical AED Plus Defibrillator, 1 Each, Lime

The AED Plus is the first and only full-rescue AED that provides Real CPR Help for depth and rate of chest compressions. If the compressions are not deep enough, the AED Plus will tell the rescuer to push harder. The AED Plus also guides rescuers through the complete Chain of Survival, helping all cardiac arrest victims, not just those who need a shock.
⦁    Designed to rescue victims of sudden cardiac arrest and provide high-quality CPR
⦁    Audio and visual prompts help you rescue with confidence and clarity
⦁    A metronome leads you to push at the right rate
⦁    This defibrillator shows you the depth of each compression



In a squad car, onboard a fire engine, or out in the field, you’re always ready to respond to cardiac emergencies. The LIFEPAK 1000 provides powerful defibrillation, long battery life, and robust durability that can stand up to severe environments.

⦁ Endures rigorous drop-tests and includes protective case and bumpers for maximum durability in the harshest environments.
⦁ Designed to ride along in any vehicle without damage from continuous vibrations and other movement.